About Installogy
What is Installogy?

Installogy is the essential data resource for the mobile electronics industry.

Our vehicle and product wiring information is indispensable to mobile electronics installation specialists. Our compatibility listings are essential for retail salespersons and consumers.

Whether you're making sales or performing installations, Installogy helps you maximize opportunities and improve accuracy and efficiency.

Our innovative, dynamic user interface compliments our unique ability to provide the most comprehensive wiring and product compatibility information to the global mobile electronics industry. From obscure vehicles of yesteryear to the classics, from today's sophisticated computer managed vehicles to hybrids and exotics, and to the dream cars of tomorrow, Installogy is the world's most complete data resource for today's mobile electronics professional.

Instant access to wiring and product compatibility information, complete with diagrams, pictures, and technical notes on thousands upon thousands of vehicles, is what makes Installogy the industry's benchmark data service provider!

Location & Facilities

Our modern facilities are conveniently located in Saint-Laurent, Québec, Canada at 4995 rue Fisher in the Saint-Laurent Industrial Park.

These facilities feature a secure environment for our operations and include a fully redundant fault tolerant Internet connection, climate-controlled server room, and generator backup in the event of a power failure.

Our History

At the roots of Installogy is Wire Magic, a product originally developed and sold by Autoland:

Founded in 1993, Autoland was among the first companies to distribute innovative remote starter products in Canada.

Autoland developed a well deserved reputation among installation specialists for delivering top-notch technical support for the often complex installations of the aftermarket electronic products they sold.

In support of this, Autoland developed Wire Magic which quickly became the industry standard for vehicle wiring information.

The structure of our product is currently in its fourth version; migrations from one version to another are testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and to providing our community of users with the fastest access to the most accurate and manageable data content.